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Vinyl Flooring

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Domestic and commercial Carpet cleaning specialists

Vinyl Cleaning Experts with over 28 years experience.

Vinyl Cleaning

Having flooring sealed & polished will not only be easier to clean and maintain but will also increase the life and durability , almost making it unstainable using correct sealing products.

We Can Assist With:

Hard to remove stains

Requires specialized training and chemicals to give you the best result possible, we are fully Trained and Certified to do the job right when it comes to hard to remove stains.

Pet Stains and Odours

Although pet stains can discolour and stain carpets & upholstery, we have had huge success in either removing totally or lightening the stain to an acceptable level.

Residential and Business Kustomers

All our clients are guaranteed the highest quality in Work and Service. Business clients can contact us to see how we can save them money through regular Maintenance of their Flooring etc.


Yes , We are Happy to offer great discount deals for Seniors, however this can only be done upon inspection prior to work being carried out.

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